PAF on tour: Mixed Tour 1 – Cardiff

PAF has teamed up with friendly fellow disc-ers Cloud City to form PAF City and spread our frisbee word across the nation this year as part of UK Ultimate‘s National Mixed Tour, a series of weekend-long tournaments that represent the height of mixed ultimate competition in the UK.

A big squad is needed for tour as the weekend usually features over seven hours of ultimate.

The first stop was Cardiff, where thankfully the weather was a lot better than last year, which saw PAF (almost) play through a storm warning.

PAF City were seeded 38 of the 56 teams competing, finished top of our pool and won six of our seven games.

PAF City are confirmed for Mixed Tour 2 over April 23-24 in Salford, Manchester. Mixed Tour 3 is May 14-15 at Bishop’s Cleeve Football Club (!), near Cheltenham.

Go PAF City!!!


Glory be!


To ward off the evil spirits cramp and stifflegs, PAF City worships at the altar of stretch.