PAF goes to the World Champs!

This year the Ultimate World Championships came to London, and PAF went to watch the finals day at a 10,000+ sell-out Allianz Park rugby stadium in the city’s treacherous far north.


And as befits the occasion of the pinnacle of the sport, we took out a box high in the roof of the stadium, filled the fridge and reception table with drinks and picnic goodies surrounded by shirts and photos of the Saracens rugby greats who normally inhabit this turf.


The box gave great views of what ended up being a straight USA sweep of all three main final matches on the day: v Australia in mixed, v Colombia in women’s, and v Japan in men’s. Though the Japanese guys put up a decent fight to ensure we got at least some tightly-fought ultimate on the day.


Our home also ensured lots of visitors popping in-and-out from around the stadium throughout the day… and sheltered us completely from the thunderstorm that briefly threatened to halt play later in the afternoon.


What an unforgettable day! A great high to say goodbye to Clíodhna and John, who shortly after this will head back to Dublin to start their family together. So long guys and see you soon.


High Barnet is a strange and uncharted place for most of us South Londoners, but we made it through various streets to a nice pub for dinner, and a lucky few even discovered a secret karaoke nightspot nearby to round out the evening with some very special soup.