PAF City at Mixed Tour 2016

PAF combined with friendly rivals Cloud City over three weekends across the country for national Mixed Tour this year, finishing 23rd of the 63 teams entered nationally and beating some very strong established team.
Here’s the deets from Cap’n Ben on Mixed Tour 3:
PAF City travelled to Cheltenham for the final mixed tour of the season. We started seeded 21, second in our pool and with high hopes.
We started out with a comfortable win against the bottom seed in the group (and local rivals) Curve, extending our recent dominance over them. We then faced a strong Mustard team, and despite plenty of opportunities and holding a narrow lead throughout the game we lost on universe point, 7-8. However, a three-way tie meant that we would still be able to top the group by beating Black Sheep 1 by at least 2 points in the final game of the day.  They had beaten us in the final game of the last tour and they quickly built a 4-1 lead. We brought it back and the score eventually stood at 11-11, from where some intense defense and efficient offense took us to a 15-12 victory which meant top place in the pool and a chance to get into A Tour!
The crossover to A Tour was against none other than BAM! who had beaten us decisively right at the start of tour 2. We struggled against their deep roster and efficient arrowhead zone and despite making every point hard-fought, we lost 15-6.
Our next game was against Shakedown. It was an excellent and exhausting game, with some fantastic plays from both sides. We led 10-8 on the hooter, but they brought it back to 10-10 with PAF on offence at universe point. We worked the disc down the field to their brick-mark, but a moment of confusion led to a turnover and, heartbreakingly, they scored at the other end to take the game. The final game was then against a high-quality Manchester 1 team, who narrowly beat us 9-7.
A wonderful mixed tour therefore concluded with PAF City in 20th position, and ranked 23rd nationally across the 3 tours ahead of a lot of well-established and serious teams. I loved every minute of it, and can’t wait to play some more.