Mud, guts and glory- the joys of PAF training

Here’s how our Saturday training session’s mostly look at the moment. They are long, because we love our frisbee and some folks have a long trip so we want to make get the maximum value from them.
But if you have other stuff on, or think you will need to duck out early due to exhaustion, dehydration, pain, fear, boredom… don’t let it stop you from joining us. Play what you can. Ideally, and especially if you’re a newb, or new to the team, come join us from the start to pick up the coaching elements.
  • Throwing 11am-11.20
  • Warm-up game w/ stretching 11.20-11.45
  • First drill with throws/catches 11.45-12.10
  • Second drill with strategy 12.10-12.40
  • Group Therapy 12.40-12.50
  • Third Surprise drill (ideally 5-pull, numbers permitting) 12.50-13.15
  • Game time 13.15-14.00
  • Pub 14.00 – home/bus shelter/park bench/jail cell

What to bring

Apart from the usual sports gear, its advisable to have:

  • Light and a dark top (for mixing up teams, offense/defense)
  • Plenty of water
  • A 175g disc (though don’t worry if you don’t have one yet)
  • Boots with cleats/studs (for all but a few weeks of the year the ground is soft)