Midsummer Night’s Disc Social

There’s a million ways to spend a Saturday night out in this city, but barely a handful of people could ever have been so liberated as to don glowsticks, smear luminous facepaint and chase a blinking flying saucer around a field late into the night…
Team Social’s second monthly gathering resurrected an ancient tradition practised by PAF’s forefathers as far back as the turn of the millennium.
So it is written, PAF’s thespian founders named our club based on the play within a play in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. And each midsummer, they danced in respect of those nymph spirits, feasted and wetted in the fading light of the Common.
And so this year we joined them, with the lovely-and-not-at-all-weirded-out remains of Lottie’s birthday party gathering (and the remains of Lottie 😉 ) looking on.

See? Lovely folks, and not-at-all-weirded-out.


I have no idea.

Thank you Pafsters. The Frisbee gods are sated for another year.