Disc golf social – Croydon swingers

Summer was drawing to a close, but we got a great day for the continuation of our monthly socials and the short Sunday trip to Lloyd Park, Croydon, one of only two Disc Golf courses near London.

Three things I learned:

  • Disc Golf is fun! (Not a big surprise for an Ultimate player)
  • Disc Golf is better with a nice cold beer at your side (remember for next time!)
  • Croydon is beautiful- well, this bit of it was, almost like you’re right out in the country

Many thanks Cliodhna and Elen for organising.


Here’s one of the holes, you throw your disc in that… there’s 9 of em, or 18 if you do the Big Boy’s Championship Course.


This was about the average distance we needed to get, to get the bloody thing in.


Get yer angles sorted.


Ah, sunny Croydon.


Where the f**k did it go?



Found it! (and repeat x10)