Disc Golf Social: Fairways and bidets

The first outing for the new Team Social (Smilr and Lottie) meant that for one-week-only our Saturday training was moved from our regular Clapham home and out way down south to Croydon.

Despite the country fair taking up most of the room, there’s still plenty of flat space to go around at Lloyd Park, so training was had. And despite the absence of many PAF taskmasters, we were pretty disciplined: 2 X 7 minute fitnesses. Sadly though we couldn’t make use of the outdoor gym equipment- the good citizens of Croydon see the pull-up bars and bench presses more as extra park benches, so we couldn’t get a look in.

The sun came out – and the park makes a pretty sweet picnic spot- no better place for a vegetarian Scotch egg or 10.

Then the Disc Golf: Lloyd Park is one of only 2 courses in the London area, but the regular golfers gave us enough room to play through….

Remember the 3 rules of Croydon Disc Golf?

  • Disc Golf is fun!
  • Disc Golf is even more fun if you have at your side a nice cold beer and/or virtually neat gin decanted into a plastic bottle.
  • Croydon is beautiful- well, this bit of it was, almost like you’re right out in the country

Check it!


Lottie shaping up for Hole 1


Matthieu lines one up.

Among the blossoms.

Among the blossoms.


Oh dear.

That's better.

That’s better.

Well done to Team Aaron and Harry, a winning 3 over par for the 9-hole course is pretty credible… shame the rest of us only noticed at the last hole that it’s easier to throw further with a run-up, we could’ve given you a closer fight.

Next stop was a house was just a few minutes walk away… and pretty soon it’s Hollywood actor neighbours had a beautiful view of several contended, slightly sunburned Pafsters sprawled across the lawn.

Croydon life might break a few preconceived notions: it’s not all Gregg’s pasties, pink drinks and puking in Wetherspoons.

We discovered that it’s more about wood-burning patio stoves, bottomless plates of garlic bread, liqueur-stoked parakeet-watching, vintage Cuban cigarillos and, if it all gets too much, there’s always a quick head-dunk in the bidet upstairs for a bit of freshening up (every house has one apparently).

Sweet! Stay tuned for more PAF Socials..