Who (or what) is PAF?

We are a mixed Ultimate Frisbee team that enjoys showing up every week in South London come rain, sleet or snow to play competitive Ultimate in a fun way. We enjoy renaming people and few have escaped unscathed. We have spirit by the bucket and our thespianism is unmatched. We live by one simple motto Mud, Guts, Glory.

We welcome all skill levels and have special sessions to help newbies with fundamentals and put an emphasis plenty of skills and drills as well as practice games.
We’re open to anyone who wants to come along including complete beginners.
We’re a mixed team so men and women are both welcome.
Our current age range of active players is 17 to the mysterious region around 40.
We were founded in 2000 and our name is a play on words of Pyramus and Thisbe, the play within a play in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (so now you know).

PAF have been called one of the friendliest teams in London. We take anyone from complete beginners who’ve never seen a disc before, to experienced old hands and university leavers. Because we always think there’s room for improvement, we will work on drills and skills, not just playing pick-ups. We offer friendly entry into the sport, or if you’re already a keen player, our relatively small size means you can quickly play a major role in shaping the direction of the squad.

  • We play every Saturday year round on Clapham Common (nearest tube is Clapham South)
  • Practise starts at 11am, and runs until people get bored/tired/need to go to the pub.
  • Our training sessions are open to anyone, so feel free to come on down.


Do we play tournaments?

We do!

We play:

  • London Summer League where matches are Wed/Thur evenings over May-August and usually field teams in the beginner-oriented Spring League in the weeks before that. (held either in Balham, South London, or Clissold Park, North London)
  • London Winter League- mini-tournaments played all-day Sunday over Dec-Feb.
  • London Indoor League- mini-tournaments played all-day Saturday over Dec-Feb (hopefully not same weekend as Winter League).
  • National mixed tour – a series of weekend-long tournaments often involving 1/2 night’s overnight stay.
  • Various pick-ups, fun tournaments, beach tournaments both nationally and internationally. If PAF isn’t sending a whole squad, we often hook up with other teams to join these events.


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